Custom Woodwork Design

Custom Woodwork Design

Custom Woodwork DesignCustom Woodwork DesignCustom Woodwork Design


Experience & Creativity

My passion for woodworking and building began at 8 years old, when my grandfather first taught me how to whittle, carve, and make small pieces of furniture.  I instantly fell in love.  As I grew older I learned to build everything from sheds to finished homes. I'm fascinated by using only my hands and tools to create one of a kind pieces of custom woodwork and furniture to become a part of your home. My style is natural, modern, warm, and imperfect. 


As a socially and environmentally conscious woodworker and business owner I prefer to use post-construction waste material as much as reasonably possible.  Each custom piece is designed to fit the space and according to your requests. I start with a consultation to find out what you're looking for. Then, I will send you design sketches and we'll work together to finalize a design you love. Then, I get to building your custom woodwork! 


I create pieces you can enjoy for years to come.  If you ever encounter a design flaw or craftsmanship issue, I will fix or replace the piece.  I'm also always available to help you you maintain the look of your custom woodwork.